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Megan is vocalist, ocarina player and percussionist for Sally's Garden. Her gorgeous soprano floats above John's and Sally's voices to create beautiful harmonies. She also shines as lead on such songs as She Moved Through the Fair. Megan provides drive and excitement on many lively dance tunes with percussion on the spoons and washboard. She also adds harmonies to Sally's fiddle playing with her ocarina.

Megan on Megan: I like the Poxy Boggards, St. James Gate (the one from Canada), Merry Wives of Windsor, Iris and Rose. I'm a creative writer, dog trainer and I work at the Virtual Builders' Exchange. I have a dog who is more like my daughter. Her name is Tallie and she is a Shiba Inu/Eurasier mix that is 5 and 1/2 years old. Tallie joins regularly at the bookstore as greeter and doormat for the band. I am freakin' weird and love it. I own 7 sets of spoons, all in different keys and pitches. I have never stolen a set of spoons from a restaurant, even if they did sound REALLY good, but that doesn't keep me from being tempted.