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Our Instruments

Gibson J-60 Guitar John plays a 1994 Gibson J-60. It's a great sounding guitar with a lot of character, lots of volume and beautiful bass. He found it while I was waiting for pizza to be ready at the House of Pizza, which is next to the House of Guitars strangely enough. He was messing around with guitars while waiting for pizza, picked up this Gibson and fell in love. He just had to go back the next day and buy it!

Old French Fiddle

Sally plays this beautiful French fiddle. After breaking the bridge (the thin wooden piece that holds up the strings) on her old fiddle at a gig, Sally decided the time had come for a better instrument. This violin is over 100 years old and has a rich, warm sound. It it doesn't have a maker's label in it, but it was made in France according to the experts at Antonio Strad Violin where we bought it, Sally spent several days trying out nearly every fiddle in the store before falling in love with this fine instrument.

Lo Duca Accordion

This beautiful accordion dates from the '60s and has a gorgeous sound. Tim Schofield of The San Antonio Accordion Center did a wonderful job restoring it to its original and for some parts better than original condition.


John Wiesen created this new type of instrument. It is essentially a very large recorder made of PVC tubing. It has a very interesting sound.

Bodhran and Spoons

John and Sally also play a variety of percussion instruments including Bodhran and Spoons